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In this single episode of the MD and Chef Team Show, we learnt about homocysteine, a crucial marker of brain health. Dr. Isabel is determined to spread awareness of this marker and the potential risk of dementia, heart disease, and stroke if left untreated. Through her research, she discovered that homocysteine levels can be reduced […]

Homocysteine Levels to Prevent Alzheimer’s

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Challenging the age-old “you are what you eat” adage. MD and Chef Team discussed how to prevent and reverse disease, live a healthy lifestyle, and make generational changes on today’s show. Chef Michael also spoke about epigenetics, the study of how genes are turned on and off, as well as nutrition and the environment. Listen […]

Reversing Generational Disease

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As cliché as it may sound, prevention is better than cure! Dr. Isabel and Chef Michael shifted occupations to become a medical doctor focusing in functional integrative medicine and a culinary nutrition expert with a chef experience, respectively. They collaborate with individuals to help them reverse and avoid illnesses, as well as live a healthy, […]

Prevent & Reverse Disease with Hope!

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➥ Hey, it’s Chef Michael, Certified Culinary Nutrition Expert here at Doctoronamission, and in this episode,  I want to talk to you about “five healthy holiday survival hacks” Now, if you could really care less about surviving the holidays healthy, well then just go ahead and pop off. However, I’d love for you to hang […]

5 Healthy Holiday Hacks

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➥Well, we have a, you might say controversial podcast today. We are gonna shake up some thought processes out there in society, medical care, and a lot of different areas of the world with what we have to talk about today. ➥ So I’m going to ask, what is the title of our podcast today? […]

Having Alzheimers is an Option Now!

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In this episode Dr. Isabel MD interviews Coach Jon, and what a Story! ✅  Jon survived an attempted murder (nearly beaten to death in South Africa) as well as losing his life savings in a failed business venture, and he rebuilt himself from the ground up. He has lost and kept off over 100lbs after […]

Between the Before and After

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