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In this episode, the MD and Chef Team discussed patience as one of their brain health tools and how patience is needed in all aspects of life, including business, weight loss, becoming a doctor, marriage, and more. They also shared three reasons why patience is essential in life: it may not be the right time, […]

Unpacking the Waiting Tool

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➥ Michael and Isabel are guests on the AbilityMKE Now Radio “Live” show,  Bringing you (dis)ability related content, guests and stories that will impress, inspire and entertain you. Join the Core Team of Kurt Roskopf of The Disability Channel (TDC) and Sue Roskopf of the Pewaukee Lake Water Ski Club along with Ms. Emily Gollmer, […]

How Does Brain Health Affect the Quality of Life?

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➥ In this episode of the MD and Chef Team Podcast, Michael and Isabel spin 3 plates of health. This tool will help you to have a more balanced mood throughout your day. ➥  Where listeners can find the Doctoronamission Team of Certified Culinary Nutrition Expert Chef Michael and Functional/Integrative Dr. Isabel MD. Website:  https://doctoronamission.com/ […]

The Balanced Mood Tool

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☹ Confused? ☹ Overwhelmed? ☹ Not sure where to turn to get your life, health, business, finances, or relationships back on track? Join the MD and Chef Team as they go through the 4 steps that helped bring them clarity to finish 2022 with direction and action. ⏬    Download and Listen to the Full […]

4 Steps to Gain Clarity in Your Future

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In the Latest Episode of the MD and Chef Team Podcast/VLOG, Dr. Foojan Zeine chats with Dr. Isabel MD about creating a fulfilling life.     👈 👈  👈    YouTube Video 🔸 Dr. Foojan Zeine is a Psychotherapist, Radio/podcast host, International Speaker, and author. She has her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology and is a […]

Create a Fulfilling Life

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✅  In this Episode of The MD and Chef Team; Reverend Benita Weathers, Isabel, and Michael, unmask the shame around mental health and depression. A very candid, open, and transparent conversation about their personal family experiences and what it takes to “Win the War” over brain health issues. ✅  Reverend Benita is passionate about de-stigmatizing […]

The Scream Within

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➥  In this episode of the MD and Chef Team; it’s Dr. Isabel MD interviewing Life Coach Isabelle. 😂 🔶  Isabelle will share her story of raising six children, yes, I said SIX, 💗 and what her life’s journey has taught her about parenting, womanhood, and couples relationships. 🔹 Isabelle was born in France and […]

What I learned from raising six children!

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Well, it all starts with a story, doesn’t it? And one of the stories is my story. And I’ll just you know, people’s stories are so important. And I know that everybody out there has a really strong story. And I’d love to hear everybody’s stories because I get so much encouragement from hearing people’s […]

Suicide Out of the Box – An MD’s Story

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