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The BIG Picture of Your Body The nucleus accumbens is a part of your brain that we, in the medical field, call the “addiction center.” That’s where people get addicted to things like PEA, cocaine, heroin, sugar, caffeine, tobacco, gambling, pornography, alcohol. The reason it’s called the addiction center is because there’s this beautiful hormone […]

The BIG Picture of Your Body

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I would love to talk about developing resiliency during the storms of our life. Any storms going on in the world these days? What does resilience mean? When Michael hears the word “resiliency” it always reminds him of the clown Bozo. It’s like this clown thing that stands up and when you push it over, […]

Resiliency in the Storms of Life

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Let’s talk about BPA. What the …. is this BPA stuff? BPA is a chemical in plastics called Bisphenol A. Now the problem they’ve found out with this chemical compound in plastics is over time, it leeches. The chemical leeches out of the plastics. Another place that you find it a lot in is in […]

What the …. is BPA?

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What Really is Nutrition and Why is it Important? Today we want to talk about what really is nutrition and why it is important. Putting it in a simple form, good and proper nutrition is a balance of three main components in food: carbohydrates, proteins and fats. So many times out there when you see […]

What is Nutrition?

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We’re going to be talking about in recent times how we’ve gotten to where we are and what has happened with our eating habits through society. Here’s an interesting fact for you to think about is… the largest billion dollar food companies in the world, most are owned by another industry. What industry do you […]

It’s NOT Your Fault!

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How do we set up a Routine for Success in the Pandemic, or any difficult time that comes in our life? What daily habits will get YOU through the valleys of life, and have you moving through difficulties with a positive mindset. Download & Listen for the Rest of the Story … https://pdcn.co/e/www.buzzsprout.com/736490/3394285-how-to-set-up-a-routine-for-success-in-difficult-times.mp3?download=true How to […]

How to Set Up a Routine for Success

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In this episode, let’s talk about how to be a bubble buddy in the pandemic or any kind of wild and crazy situation that happens in your life. Now we probably need to explain a little bit for everyone outside of New Zealand. What the bubble buddy or what is a bubble, because not everybody […]

Bubble Buddy in a Pandemic

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You know sometimes we have to have these critical conversations. So, let’s have one now.  ✅   Chances are you know someone like my Dear Uncle Julio, my inspiration to become a Medical Doctor from the age of 4, who is now a vegetable mentally from Alzheimers disease. Inga you might say; “Well Dr. Isabel, why aren’t […]

Alzheimers Before 40?

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Dr. Isabel interviews the Wholistic Health Boss, Jenn Malecha. 🔷   Jenn Malecha is the Wholistic Health Boss, which supports busy, health-minded professionals in taking back control of their health by giving them access to the right lab tests and resources so they can find the missing pieces of their health puzzle—actually fix what is wrong, […]

Hashimoto by Mold

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I asked Clint; “So what kind of tips would you give to a parent whose kid is being bullied? She knows. He knows that they’re being bullied. What would you recommend?” There’s a couple of things. What people don’t understand is, I use this thing called the dialogue model, and in the dialogue model, it […]

What the … is a Crucial Conversation?

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