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Prevent & Reverse Disease with Hope!

As cliché as it may sound, prevention is better than cure!

Dr. Isabel and Chef Michael shifted occupations to become a medical doctor focusing in functional integrative medicine and a culinary nutrition expert with a chef experience, respectively. They collaborate with individuals to help them reverse and avoid illnesses, as well as live a healthy, long, and bright life. They demonstrate to individuals that they may reclaim cognitive loss, extend their brain, and develop stronger than ever before via education. They also demonstrate that illnesses may be prevented and reversed, providing individuals hope and the capacity to become health coaches for their family for future generations.

Dr. Isabel is a medical doctor specializing in functional integrative medicine and Chef Michael is a culinary nutrition expert with a chef background. Together, they work to prevent and reverse disease and give people hope in the process.

In this episode, you will learn:

1. Unlocking the potential to reverse and prevent disease with functional integrative    medicine.

2. Exploring the benefits of personalized medicine tailored to the individual’s needs.

3. Examining the myths around cognitive decline and discovering how to “put your hand up” for help.

“We do that as a team, working with people, coaching with people to help them to reverse and prevent whatever is going on in their lives and to help them to have a healthy, long, vibrant life. So they’ve got energy, they’re feeling great about themselves and they had that hope that, yes, they can get to their optimal health and things can change. And now that they can change their legacy of their family for generations to come. They become the health coach of their family.” – Chef Michael

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