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5 Healthy Holiday Hacks

Hey, it’s Chef Michael, Certified Culinary Nutrition Expert here at Doctoronamission, and in this episode,  I want to talk to you about “five healthy holiday survival hacks”

Now, if you could really care less about surviving the holidays healthy, well then just go ahead and pop off. However, I’d love for you to hang around, but I’m going to talk about how to cope through the holidays, and have a fantastic time, still eat and drink.

🔵  I’m not talking about not doing anything and not having any fun and not having some food that you wouldn’t normally have and some drinks you wouldn’t normally have.

But I’m talking about getting into mid to late January and then being, “Ok, I’m ready to get back into my shape again.”

🔵  You may be feeling a little foggy, feeling a little, oh, a little lumpy, shall I say?
And instead of it taking you weeks and months, maybe it’s even March or April till you start to feel yourself.

Iif you want to come back within days, even a week, back into where you started from before the holidays, and hopefully that’s in a good place, then this is the episode for you.

So five healthy holiday survival hacks. Let’s get into it.

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