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6 Years to Live, “I don’t think so!”

➤ Magic Barclay is the lead practitioner at Wholistic Natural Health Australia and host of the podcast “A Magical Life;: health, wealth and weightloss”.

🔷 Magic’s life changed when she faced multiple life-threatening conditions. She then decided to find the root cause of her health issues and that set her on a path of life changing learning.

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🔷 Magic helps (mainly) women aged 45-65 who feel unheard or misled by mainstream medicine or anyone who wants to bring their health back to basics. By treating root cause and the systems of the body (not chasing symptoms, reconnecting to the environment and overcoming their past trauma and that of previous generations through healing the PNEI (psycho neuro endo immune) pathways of the body.

🔷 She is also a master practitioner in mould toxicity recovery.
Personally-, she is a mum of two amazing humans and two gorgeous furbabies, grower of organic food for her family and a passionate native gardener.

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➥  Where listeners can find
Magic Barclay and Holistic Natural Health Australia
Website:  Wholistic Natural Health Australia

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