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What are we Focusing on?

 🔷 I’d love to talk to you about what we are focusing on. We know that humans are the happiest when they are focusing on progress.

Wherever you have progress, you have an emotion wherever you don’t have progress, You have an emotion.

🔷 So progress or no progress, emotions are attached to it.

Here’s an example. Imagine getting on the scale during this pandemic and realizing you’re not losing weight. Well, what happens? You have an emotion that’s attached to it. And that emotion is sadness, depression, anxiety, right?

Because you don’t feel like you’re moving in the positive direction. However, if you get on the scale and you go, wow, I’m losing weight, I’m feeling strong.

🔷 What happens? You actually have a positive emotion and you feel like you’re succeeding. And that’s when we are all the happiest. When we are making progress.

Now the key is, is to focus on the right thing so that we make progress. And I’m telling you right now, here in New Zealand, focusing on the news is not going to help you make you feel that you’re having progress.

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