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How to Energize Your Life!

🔵 In this episode, Dr. Isabel MD chats with Holistic Health Coach, Jane Dye about “Energizing Your Life.”

Jane says; “I’ll tell you a little bit how I got to where I am. So for most of my life I’ve been considered healthy. However, I’ve had amazing health challenges even before I was born. My mother always told me that my birth was a miracle because she endured a pregnancy with a uterine tumor, which surgery was recommended. And for the delivery save her life and hopefully to save mine, the doctor said they would just wait and see how it developed.

🔵 But around the seventh or eighth months, she started getting really anxious. Cause she had two other children at home and a father who didn’t really know how to be a primary caretaker. And she was concerned. She found out later that the tumor’s gone. It’s dissolved, so go home and have a happy, healthy baby.

My mother later told me that she thinks that that was the beginning of my health journey, that I was meant to understand this and, and to work with people who have interesting health challenges, but not too long after that, they brought me home and I suffered from multiple seizures a day.

🔵 They went to all traditional health care practitioners to find a way to stop the seizures and nobody had the answers.  And they finally took me to my uncle who was a chiropractor and he did spinal adjustments and my seizures went away and they have not recurred for my entire life. So these stories really ignited my fascination at a very, very young age with how the body works.”

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