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Build Successful Long Term Relationships

🔷  In this episode, Michael and Isabel offer some keys for a long term successful relationship. Yes, for 41 years we’ve been together and sometimes, you say, whoa, what, how did we get here? Because it has gone pretty quickly.

Through all the ups and downs and fun and laughs and cries and all that great stuff that come along the way. How did we possibly do it?

🔷  We’ve gone ahead and put it all together in a podcast to shorten your learning curve. So you don’t have to walk through the mine field that we went through.

Avoid the mine field and you know what, everybody’s going to have their own personal minefields. You know, it’s just good to pass on some tips of wisdom that we’ve gained over those decades.

🔷  And like our daughters say, oh, life lessons, long live lesson lessons. I really wish somebody would have given me these life lessons. But instead we learned the hard way.  We could have used a few of those life lessons back in our twenties when we were first starting out. Yeah. That would have helped out this young couple. That’s for sure.

You have to be able to receive the message too.  So we’re only speaking to people right now, like you like the listeners that are receiving this message, that are teachable and motivated.

🔷  Yeah. So hopefully you’re open to receive the message.
All  right, So here we go …

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