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The Scream Within

✅  In this Episode of The MD and Chef Team; Reverend Benita Weathers, Isabel, and Michael, unmask the shame around mental health and depression.

A very candid, open, and transparent conversation about their personal family experiences and what it takes to “Win the War” over brain health issues.

✅  Reverend Benita is passionate about de-stigmatizing mental health care among the Christian faith community, in particular, and other communities where stigma remains a challenge.

Benita is particularly interested in the holistic health of individuals – spiritual, mental and physical. With training in divinity, public health and biology, she is uniquely equipped to provide strategic and practical means by which individuals can achieve wholeness in their lives.

✅  Benita is especially interested in removing the stigma in the church and African American communities regarding mental health and assisting individuals over the age of 40 to re-tool, re-fuel, and re-cycle their passion toward a life that is fulfilling.  In addition, she is the founder of Mind the Mental, Inc., and non-profit organization with a mission to equip youth and young adults to be so in tune with and in control of their mental well-being that suicide among this group will be virtually non-existent.

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