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Situation, Shift, Rollercoaster to …

✅  What’s holding you back from achieving your health goals?  You’ve done the research; you’ve tried all the diets. You know what you should be doing to live a healthy life … but for some reason you’re just not able to do it consistently even though you want it so badly.

In this episode Dr. Isabel MD interviews Laura Folkes, certified holistic health coach, and Laura shares her journey, what went wrong, what worked, and now what she knows will work for her students.

✅  It’s OK to admit that what you’re doing to manage your weight and live healthier just isn’t working. You’re not alone.

Laura get’s it.  She has been where you are, and even though she successfully changed her lifestyle and ultimately lost the weight, for years she was stuck in a vicious cycle of weight loss/weight gain and was consumed by the thought of food.

✅  She finally broke this cycle and Laura wants to help you do the same, because what you’re working through IS solvable.

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