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What I learned from raising six children!

➥  In this episode of the MD and Chef Team; it’s Dr. Isabel MD interviewing Life Coach Isabelle. 😂

🔶  Isabelle will share her story of raising six children, yes, I said SIX, 💗 and what her life’s journey has taught her about parenting, womanhood, and couples relationships.

🔹 Isabelle was born in France and raised in Germany. She lost her mom at the age of six, lived first with her aunt and then with her dad and his girlfriend. She had to grow up fast. After high school she was a nanny in NJ, Texas And Florida, met her future spouse, broke up her paediatric nursing training and moved to the US at age 21.

🔶  She became a physical therapist assistant and then a stay at home mom to her 6 children. They are now 15-27 years of age. Her parenting style wasn’t working, but with the help of a coach, she was able to transform her family life. That’s when she knew she had to become a coach and pass on the magic to others.

🔹 She now helps women in midlife create healthier relationships, starting with themselves.
She is certified through Live inspired now coach training. She loves to learn all things in the self development world, then make it concise and pass it on with lots of her life experiences.

🔶  She feels that she hit the jackpot  💎 with her life coaching tools, because she can now take and process anything life throws at her and stay calm and centered.

⏬   Download and Listen to the Whole Story! 

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