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Support? What does it really mean?

✅  Support; How many times have we heard this word used, but … do we really know what that means?

🔵   In this episode of the MD and Chef Team Show, Dr. Isabel MD interviews Bill Cohen where we learn about how a tragedy in his life lead him from retirement to an “encore career” in support and caregiving.

Bill Cohen is a caregiver support group leader and speaker, an Alzheimer’s Association and HOPE Dementia Support Groups volunteer, Certified Senior Advisor (CSA)®, and the owner of Cohen Caregiving Support Consultants.

🔵  His loving and talented mother, Sheila, lost her home to Hurricane Katrina. Then, she lost her health, ability to create beautiful art and, ultimately, her life due to Alzheimer’s. For almost 10 years, Bill was her primary caregiver and advocate, not just her elder son.

After formal retirement from government employment after 25 years, Bill turned his personal loss and pain into his passion and “encore career”.

🔵  Bill shares his story and journey about his late mom, answers specific questions and concerns, and provides advice on dementia care and caregiving.

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