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Meeting an Angel at the Bridge!

✅  In this very candid, open, honest, and transparent conversation with John Katsavos, he reveals how, after an encounter with an Angel at a Bridge where John was contemplating suicidal thoughts, the Angel then told John not to jump that he will get out of this and that he has to figure out his greater purpose, which he did have one.

✅  Since this, John has been a professional personal trainer for 13 years. He has dealt with depression and suicidal thoughts in his past, which has moved him to create a system that has been proven for over decade to help people not only lose weight and feel better about themselves, also to be able to make life long changes in their lives.

✅  In that time he has become a Certified Health Counselor, acquired JumpStart MAT, learned the RTS system, Fitness Kickboxing Coach LVL 2, avid Systema practitioner and looked at becoming a certified instructor

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