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Can Healthcare Change Really Happen?

✅  Let’s listen in on the chat with Mel Jeur from Change Jam;

🔵  “I got the opportunity to start working in consultancy around customer relationship management and then moved into the health and social care sector through the e-government initiative in the UK, which was coming about. And the government at the time was being quite forward thinking, and that’s a good 20 years ago.

🔵  So things have changed, but that was what brought me together with technology, the health sector and health and social care, really people, process and technology as well as the consultancy side.

And you know, I was here  in New Zealand, not in England anymore.

🔵  As I moved into health and social care, it has been kind of project and change management all along and in the last two years, I actually picked up an operational management role of two medical centers. So I manage two medical centers, lock stock, and barrel staff, profit and loss, everything, clinical quality patient incidents. So I manage two medical centers, 12,000 patients and 30 staff.

🔵  And because I’ve done so many years of change and improvement, and I also still have the energy to change the world, three or four years ago, I worked with a wonderful woman called Joe and I worked on changing general practice. And we can talk a bit about that in a bit. We worked, Joe’s got a huge amount of experience, and we worked with 12 general practices across Northland to deliver an integrated, more proactive, more technology savvy, general practice offering.

To hear the insights about change and transformation in healthcare …

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