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What is Nutrition?

What Really is Nutrition and Why is it Important?

Today we want to talk about what really is nutrition and why it is important.

Putting it in a simple form, good and proper nutrition is a balance of three main components in food: carbohydrates, proteins and fats. So many times out there when you see diets and fads, what they tend to do is eliminate one of those or bump up one like maybe it’s the “high fat, low carb” or “high protein, no carb” or “take out fats” or “take out proteins.” It’s messing around with the actual proper proportions. Yes, it’s a diet or fad but it’s not necessarily nutritional for our body.

The way our body works, we need the proper balance to have correct nutrition of carbohydrates, proteins and fats.

Why is nutrition so important?

The food and water we drink comprises who we are, what we look like from the outside, what we look like from the inside, how all our organs and body are functioning because our cells which make up our body mentally and physically are always regenerating. It’s not just that we are born and those are your cells and that’s you for the rest of your life.

Our skin cells regenerate about two to four weeks, depending on us individually. So if you’re having complexion problems, we need to look at the food and the water that’s going in that’s regenerating those cells because there’s a problem going on there.

One thing we recommend is have a fine scrub using baking soda without aluminum to gently exfoliate your skin because you don’t want dead skin on top of brand new, glowing skin. If you happen to be near a beach with nice sand, just take the sand and exfoliate – the barnacles do come off.

Your blood depending on red cells and white cells – regenerates itself over days and months. So you want to get your red blood cells up as far as the oxygen content that it carries and iron and all the different nutrients that you want in your body. Maintain proper nutrition by eating well with lots of greens and veggies.

From a nutritional point of view this is why it’s so important because your regeneration of your cells is feeding off of what you are feeding them. So you got control of that.

Let’s think about our liver which is one of our main organs. It’s our detoxifier like a toilet system. If you want to have a long lasting good liver, then give it less to detoxify. If it’s 24/7 every day of the year constantly trying to detoxify the junk that you’re pumping into yourself, you’re shortening the life of that organ.

Our kidneys detoxify our blood, pee out toxins and balance the water, salt and electrolytes in our body. If we’re dehydrated, drinking improper fluids like lots of caffeine and sugars, our kidneys will overwork and they’re not having the chance to really clean stuff to 100%.

A lot of times, you can’t always see it on the outside but things are happening on the inside.

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