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The Other Side of Perfect

The Other Side of Perfect is a brutally honest and revealing peek into the life of a woman, who’s multiple diagnosises and bleak prognosis would be the surprising source of her ultimate liberation.

Yes, after trying everything she knew to recover from the physical damage of auto-immune disease, medication, nutrition, fitness, reducing stress, Debbie found her health continuing to deteriorate. And in the deepest depths of depression, she ever experience in her desperate attempt to claw her way out of hopelessness.

This people pleasing perfectionist stumbled upon her greatest source of self healing yet resurrecting the past to heal the future.

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So about 10 years ago, shortly after the birth of my youngest daughter, who’s now 10, I started having some signs and symptoms that I couldn’t ignore any longer. And that began this long and winding road of discovering autoimmune diseases, all the testing and multiple diagnoses. In the beginning, it meant, at one point taking, like nine different prescription medications three times a day, and feeling worse than I felt when I started.

And so from that point on, it was just like …

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