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Dutch Test and Hormones – What’s it All About?

Let me introduce Dr. Kelly Head ND, she is a dear friend of mine now because she has helped me greatly and helping understand Hormones.  Dr. Kelly is a board certified naturepath doctor in Portland, Oregon, and an educator in hormone testing and women’s health.

She is a clinical consultant for precision analytical, the company who makes the Dutch Test, which if you’re unfamiliar is a test that offers one of the most comprehensive hormone panels available on the market today.

Dr. Kelly has a primary role is to educate health practitioners on how to interpret their patients Dutch hormone test results, and she absolutely adores helping these practitioners learn about how the Dutch Test, which can help shed light on their patient’s symptoms,  often include heavy bleeding cramping, acne in fertility, mood swings, depression, hot flashes, exhaustion, insomnia, low sex drive, difficulty losing, and so much more.

With the Urine testing, we do have a lot of research showing that the Urine estrogen and progesterone is very, very similar to what’s happening in the blood, unlike a blood test where you get that snapshot of the estrogen and the progesterone at that specific time during the day, the urine testing is nice because you get more of an average or more of a comprehensive look at your hormones over the course of the entire collection period, which was about a day’s worth of …..

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