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Are You Avoiding the Whelks?

Are You Avoiding the Whelks in your life? Yes. You heard me, right. Are You Avoiding the Whelks in your life?

Well, I will explain. Have you ever seen an oyster shell and then you opened it up in the at the beach and you realize there is no oyster inside. Well, what happens is, if you look at the top of that oyster, there’s a little hole in there. And what caused that little hole was a Whelk, and a whelk is a sea creature that has an appendage that drills a hole in the top of the oyster shell, and then sucks the whole oyster out and eats it up all for itself.

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That’s why when you open up an oyster and you don’t see an oyster in it, that’s because the Whelks have come and paid a visit. We have to be super careful about the Whelks in our life, because they can suck the life out of us. The three keys to avoid the Whelks in your life.

Can you think in your current situation, if you’ve got anybody that sucks the life out of you? Hmm. I, I could name a few that I have to stay far, far away from, the key is how do we do that? Well, there’s three things to consider, and I’m going to share that with you right now.

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The first is – don’t be a friend of angry people. Don’t be friend angry people.

Why? Because they’re very infectious and you will catch what they have. They only look at the negative in their lives. And I’m telling you, I have done this personally as an experiment.

And I have been around negative angry people. Actually, I grew up with one very angry person, and guess what? That angry person actually infected me because I was around that angry person for 18 years of my life, the first 18 years of my life. And I became a very angry reactionary, bitter type of person. And that was that’s what can happen unconsciously? Because it’s like a cancer. It just comes in and takes over your life. There is a saying that says, if you look at the five closest people in your life, five closest friends that you have in your life than you will be like them five years from now.

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