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Warning Lights?

What’s your warning light saying? Have you ever been driving down the road in your car and all of a sudden that little red light up there on the dashboard starts flashing and you’re, “Oh, what, what?” And you pull over and try to figure it out.

Or maybe you came out in the morning or the evening and you turn your car on, and that little red lights going or maybe there’s two or three of them, or in your car maybe it’s yellow. You know what I’m talking about when that red warning light is going on in your car, what do you do? Do you turn the music up in your car and just ignore it until all of a sudden it’s clinking and clanging and maybe something implodes. And the next thing you know, uh-oh, I got big problems.

You know what I’m saying? If you ignore that warning light in your car, you could end up with a big problem, which maybe was a small problem to start off with. What do you do? You go and take it to get checked out because there’s something going on.

Well, guess what? If you want to become the CEO of your mental and physical health, our body is the same. We’re a living, breathing machine. We are living, breathing organism system. We have warning lights going off in our lives all the time.

What do I mean by that? So let’s first start off in the physical sense. So let’s just say, I’ll use some stories. I know some people who …

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Remember, let’s go out there, let’s make a positive difference, let’s love unconditionally, and let’s forgive quickly.

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