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What the …. is BPA?

Let’s talk about BPA. What the … is this BPA stuff?

BPA is a chemical in plastics called Bisphenol A. Now the problem they’ve found out with this chemical compound in plastics is over time, it leeches. The chemical leeches out of the plastics. Another place that you find it a lot in is in cans. So as we talk about this, is how much people are eating food out of cans these days because the cans have this BPA stuff in.

So what’s the deal with the BPA? Well the biggest thing is that they have found, the research shows that what it does is that it mimics our body hormones and specifically estrogen in the body. And so, what it does basically, I mean it causes … it damages our reproductive organs, our reproductive effects on our body. It has a lot to do with causing more breast cancer, causing prostate cancer… It has been linked to decreasing sperm count in men… It’s been linked to… pretty much anything to do with sex hormones, reproductive organ health, all these kind of things. So if you care anything about your reproductive organs of your body, this is important and I think we all do.

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I mean now, they found this chemical to be in plastic baby bottles, teething toys, all these kind of stuff. The thing about this BPA is it breaks down and if you ever seen any of your plastic containers that you use for food storage or microwave-safe plastic containers which means yes, it’s not going to melt in the microwave but it doesn’t mean that it’s safe healthwise because you’re leeching out the chemicals into your food that you’re going to be eating and all that kind of stuff.

And let’s not even talk about you not using your microwave, well we should, but not today. But this stuff just breaks down and goes into our bodies, and it is definitely been proven to cause all kinds of cancer and bad stuff for us and especially on our reproductive organs. So let’s get BPA out. Okay, you find that all over the place – BPA-free. Well great. Okay good, we know that.

Now here’s the other thing. There’s another couple other bisphenols. There’s a Bisphenol S and a Bisphenol F. those are the alternatives that are in there. Now the thing about that right now is because all of a sudden we’re going BPA-free and we’ve got these other ones in there… The research right now, well, you know what? Are they safe or aren’t they? Okay, I’m not here to say well… whether they are or not, however, there’s enough research showing the negative effects that are just as bad as this as this BPA.

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That should scare you. That should worry you. I don’t want to be a scare but we need to be worried about this stuff. Now there are others that say “Oh this is okay, it’s alright. This is a good alternative.” The thing we need to look at when we look at researches – well who’s paying for the researches doing the research? Because the plastic companies are doing the research, or the chemical companies are doing the research. Well, yes, it’s going to turn out to be good. So I guess right now the jury’s out on this. It’s kind of 50-50. However, if we were talking about what we are using that’s going to be leeching in our body and causing cancers and bad effects, for us, for our children, for generations to come… The old saying “better safe than sorry” really applies here. It really applies right there. So well what do we do?

How do we get around this type of stuff? Well, definitely if you got any of your plastic stuff that you’re using for storage or container, try and stay away from food in cans, alright? Stay away from stuff in cans because it’s just… it leeches in the food. It’s just not good. If you got plastics that you can see your scratch, you can see your mark, they’re faded, well that basically means that… if it doesn’t look like it’s pretty new, that means those chemicals are leeching out into your food so I highly suggest you get rid of them and get yourself glass containers. Glass containers, yes you can freeze in glass. I freeze stuff in glass. There are some rules about that, you can Google that. You just don’t want to fill it to the top because it will expand.

But start storing stuff in glass, glass, glass. If you got kids, I understand it’s not as safe as plastic having kids, but you know what? We’ve got two things to look at: we got okay, we’re going to go with the glass or am I going to stick with plastic knowing that this stuff is going to leech into the food and can cause all kinds of reproductive organ defects and cancers for my kids? I’ll leave that one up to you.

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