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The BIG Picture of Your Body

Do you have a smile on your face? Do you know that a smile suits you beautifully? So make sure you are out there putting a gorgeous smile on your face because we still need it.

The nucleus accumbens is a part of your brain that we, in the medical field, call the “addiction center.” That’s where people get addicted to things like PEA, cocaine, heroin, sugar, caffeine, tobacco, gambling, pornography, alcohol. The reason it’s called the addiction center is because there’s this beautiful hormone that’s released called dopamine. When we get the hit of whatever we’re addicted to – the feeling when you fall in love, when you eat chocolate, or when you have your first sip of coffee. Dopamine is released and it puts you a happy face when you’re having high levels of it.

This is just the basics of what’s going on in your body – a lot of it is hormones. Did you know that sugar is eight times more addictive than cocaine? A study was shown that if you’ve got rats that are addicted to cocaine and you offer them cocaine or sugar, guess which one they pick? They pick sugar even though they’re addicted to cocaine. That is because you get more dopamine release with sugar than you do with cocaine.

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The next is your thyroid which is located right in your neck. It controls your metabolism. It is what burns calories and fats throughout the day.

Next is our stomach. It is where food and hydrochloric acid comes in. It’s secreted in your stomach and that helps break down a lot of the food. The key in the stomach is to understand that there’s a hormone in there called ghrelin. It tells the brain “I’m hungry” and so the brain tells the mouth “start eating.” So it eats, goes into the stomach and ghrelin goes “hmm, I’m getting full” so it tells the brain “I’m full.” It also has a communication, relationship with another hormone from the fat cells called leptin. It talks to ghrelin and says “hey, you know what I’ve got enough fat in my fat cells so you can stop eating.” Leptin tells the brain and stomach, “hey I need to eat” or “hey I’ve got enough food.”

The liver is a big detoxifying center and it’s like a toilet system. It collects a lot of the junk, the toxins and then it flushes and it excretes it into the small intestine and into the large intestine and then we poop it out. In the liver, a couple of things happen.

The kidney is another detoxifier or filtration system. It filtrates all the toxins in your blood that’s why it’s so important to drink lots of water. Water assists the kidney in flushing out the toxins.

The small intestine is very important because the stomach is actually squeezing the food into the small intestine. It is where a lot of the absorption of the macronutrients (carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals) are absorbed into the small intestine and then it goes into the blood.

When the pancreas sees a lot of sugar in the blood, it secretes insulin. Insulin takes the sugar and puts it into the cells.

The large intestine is also known as the colon. This is where the water is being sucked out and then you excrete it through your poo. Your large intestine communicates with your brain and they tell each other “I’m thirsty” or “I need to drink more water because I’m not getting enough water.”

So that is the big overview of your amazing body.

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Remember, let’s go out there, let’s make a positive difference, let’s love unconditionally, and let’s forgive quickly.

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