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Examples to Help You “Be Mindful”

In today’s coaching session, you’ll be learning two examples to help YOU be mindful. What is mindfulness?

Being mindful is intentionally paying attention. It means being present and controlling your thinking. Waking up to where you are currently in your life is hard to do because we are constantly being taught how to keep ourselves numb. People keep their selves numb by being busy, shopping, and doing unhealthy vices.

There is this great book called “Sane New World: Taming Your Mind” by Ruby Wax which I recommend for you to read. She’s a comedienne and she has suffered from depression. Through application of mindfulness techniques, she has been healed of this.  Now, there are a couple of studies that she talks about in her book.  There are people who experience stress and express it in the form of a skin disorder like eczema or psoriasis. Those that are taught mindfulness techniques actually clear up four times faster than those that don’t practice it.

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Another study was on optimists and people with anxiety. Anxious people that practice mindfulness actually start having the brain activity of an optimist. Everybody wants to be with the optimistic person. The beauty of optimists is that they speak life into you whereas somebody who is anxious, people run away from. They’re like honey that attracts bees—they are just yummy to be with. There is a positive effects while practicing mindfulness so that people who experience depression can start tapering off their medication while they are implementing these techniques taught by a professional. They eventually come off their antidepressants.

Here are two examples on mindfulness techniques.

1. Set your alarm every 3 hours on your phone with a beautiful harp sound. When the harp goes off every 3 hours, it’s a nice little alarm that stimulates your mind to focus on what you are thinking about. If it’s not  positive and if it’s not lifting you as a person, then stop right there. Remember that YOU are the master of your thoughts. Modify the way you think into something optimistic.

2. Be a person who responds (not react) with clear thinking and none self-sabotaging actions in stressful situations.  When a stressful situation occurs, practice mindfulness and remind yourself that you are no longer a person that reacts. Sit down and figure out how to take control of the situation.  Mindfulness is a powerful prescription to help heal things from skin disorders to depression and so much more. Practicing this can’t just happen overnight—it’s a change in your lifestyle that takes time and patience.

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Remember, let’s go out there, let’s make a positive difference, let’s love unconditionally, and let’s forgive quickly.

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