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Developing Resiliency in the Storms of Your Life

I would love to talk about developing resiliency during the storms of our life. Any storms going on in the world these days?

What does resilience mean? When Michael hears the word “resiliency” it always reminds him of the clown Bozo. It’s like this clown thing that stands up and when you push it over, it comes right back up. You push it over and it comes right back up. It has this amazing resilience. You just can’t keep it down, it just comes back up. So to him, resilience is strength – the inner strength, the mental strength to get knocked down and say “okay, wow. That hurt but I am getting back up again and I’m going to get back up again even stronger.”

The great thing about developing resiliency is not just in that current storm but that will carry you for the rest of your life because guess what? This isn’t going to be the only storm you have in your life. When something in life smacks you up to the side of the head, do get a little bit of a break. I always say “give yourself 24 hours of downtime” and during that time, eat and drink whatever you want but know that there will be a payback after that which could take a couple of days – in your belly. Go ahead and take 24 or 48 hours off – whatever you need. That’s your downtime. But then you get back up and get your gloves on. Don’t let it linger for weeks and months because that’s when it can lead to anxiety and depression. You start going down the drain thinking about bad thoughts.

So it’s a matter of giving you that momentary time but then cranking it back up again and go, “okay I got to get up.” Make a decision that you are the boss of your brain. You decide what you’re going to think, if it’s positive or negative and I encourage you to just decide “I am only thinking on what I want” and what you want is to succeed and have positive thoughts.

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So how do we develop resiliency?

1. Brain. It’s hard to be positive when life isn’t going your way but maintaining a positive attitude allows you to expect that good things will happen to you. Make the constant decision to: never give up.

2. Nutrition. We’ve got to eat correctly with clean food as boosting your intake of certain nutrients can help you increase your energy.

3. Sleeping. Make sure that we’re all getting seven to nine hours of restful sleep throughout the whole night. That will definitely help you sleep a lot better so that you’re not just digesting the first 3 hours that you’re sleeping. Avoid eating three hours before you go to bed to help you fall asleep faster and sleep more soundly.

4. Laughing. It actually boosts your immune system which helps us feel stronger inside and out so that we are more likely to easily overcome inevitable changes that come our way.

5. Crying. This is very detoxifying as it helps you clear your body of your stress hormone called Cortisol. After a good cry, you’ll feel calmer and more resilient as it literally drains the Cortisol out your body.

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It’s all about the marathon and not the sprint because you develop resiliency over time. This is how you develop it over a marathon when you begin to say, “Hey, next time something happens, I know how to handle it. I’m a resilient person, I can take this on” and you get stronger each time something hits you.

Remember, let’s go out there, let’s make a positive difference, let’s love unconditionally, and let’s forgive quickly.

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