Myth #1: Diabetes is genetic.

We’ve been taught that our parents can genetically pass on to their children the type 2 diabetes—well that isn’t quite so.
The genetic code, which is your DNA, is like the instruction book about how your body is going to express itself with certain diseases.
In 1980, a study by the World Health Organization found that there were 108 million people in the world with type 2 diabetes. 34 years later in 2014, they did another study. This time, they found that there was an increase to 422 million who now had type 2 diabetes.
The genetic code for humans only changes 0.2% in 20,000 years. Going from 108 million to 422 million in less than 34 years is a lot more than a 0.2% change in 20,000 years.
The bottom line is that a lot of us have the type 2 diabetes gene in our DNA. Studies have indicated that food sits on top of the type 2 diabetes gene and either stops the expression or allows the expression of that gene. So if you’re eating the WRONG type of food, then what that does, it allows the expression of the type 2 diabetes in our body. Conversely, if you are eating good clean whole food, it will stop the expression of the type 2 diabetes gene. The study of how food affects our genes, is called “nutrigenomics.”

Myth #2: Diabetes is not reversible.

There is CLEAR scientific evidence that type 2 diabetes is reversible. Of course, the earlier you find type 2 diabetes, the better. If you find it and start trying to reverse it later, you still can but it’s with very INTENSIVE lifestyle changes.
You’ve got to realize that your body is so smart - it will heal under the right conditions.

Myth #3: Pre-diabetes is NO BIG PROBLEM.

With pre-diabetes, you can have heart attacks, strokes and you can actually develop cancer. Additionally, you can start expressing dementia in the form of Alzheimer’s.
So pre-diabetes is just as risky as full blown type 2 diabetes.

Myth #4: Once you’re on insulin, you’re on it forever.

Insulin is fantastic at keeping your blood sugar stable. However, there are some complications with insulin such as weight gain and high blood pressure. If you work on intensive lifestyle change, you can eventually come off or reduce your insulin.

Myth #5: Gastric bypass is the answer to weight loss.

What happens with gastric bypass is, the procedure shrinks your stomach, and the problem with that is, oftentimes it fails; the weight comes back and complications like infections may likely occur.
You’re not getting to the root cause of the problem with this procedure. What we really need to be doing is educating on nutrition and teaching people how to change their habits.

The 5 Myths of Diabetes

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