You are going to want to be coached from the TRUE, raw and vulnerable experience from Isabel, Functional Medicine Doctor, and sufferer of depression for 20 years, and now living life "ALIVE" again. 
Also you will get Michael's perspective, as Isabel's husband who walked along side her during her battle. What he recommends if you are in his shoes.

We get you and understand the problem and pain, so that's why we created the solution. 

How will it feel to be able to laugh, cry, feel true emotions, get OFF some or ALL medications safely, and to Naturally come back "ALIVE!"

You Can Come Back "ALIVE!"

Becoming the CEO of Your Mental Health

In this FREE video coaching session you can learn the concepts of the "Doctoronamission Pillars of Success" to give you hope, and have you enjoying life again. The "you are not alone concept", as you get to hear how Dr. Isabel MD understands where you may be and have been. Her mission is to help you learn, grow, and move forward positively. This is the power of this video coaching session. We believe in you, and we believe you CAN overcome anxiety & depression!

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The Vitamin D Ultimate Blueprint

Is Vitamin D really that important?

In this Vitamin D Ultimate Gift, you will learn about Vitamin D3, and how important it is in your life. Research has shown that vitamin D might play an important role in regulating mood and warding off depression. In one study, scientists found that people with depression who received vitamin D supplements noticed an improvement in their symptoms.

In another study of people with fibromyalgia, researchers found vitamin D deficiency was more common in those who were also experiencing anxiety and depression. Consider it as a rich relative, you never knew, who wants to give you lots of money.

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