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Dr. Isabel MD

My Heartfelt Story  

Before I share with you a little bit about myself and my passion to end alzheimer’s alongside my mentor Dr. Dale Bredesen, I want to applaud you for stepping outside of the box and searching for ways to help your loved one and maybe even yourself. Coming into this arena of health care, I am absolutely certain, this is the future of medicine. 

This team has a heartbeat like no other that will bring you hope, backed with tactics that are implementable. you are in the forefront with us and that takes courage and vision. Congratulations for not settling for the “that’s just the way it is” mentality and searching for the solution. I encourage you to always keep your fight on! 

Life hit me like a hurricane when my uncle, my mentor, medical doctor, my hero, was diagnosed with alzheimer’s dementia. Everyone around him was saying “oh it’s just old age” including myself. Unfortunately, this was before the book "the end of alzheimer’s" by Dr. Bredesen came out. 

My Uncle is still alive but gone mentally, and it brings me to tears when I think of him in that unfair condition. So, I know how you feel, I get you, and I feel the same way. What I found was a way to prevent and reverse the cognitive decline of dementia that precedes alzheimer’s dementia. You see our brains are supposed to work excellently until our last breath. 

We are not supposed to lose our minds as we age. That’s old thinking. and now you know my why. To help people not end up like my beautiful uncle.

The End of Alzheimers Masterclass

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Is it NORMAL for our brain to shrink, lose things, forget dates, forget times, not functioning daily, becoming aggressive and unrecognisable?
Are we just getting old?


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